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AI Powered Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

OneTo11 is India’s fastest growing AI powered Web3 Gaming Ecosystem.

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The numbers tell the story of our Success achieved

4.5 M








$ 0.096


31 M


1 App 7 Games

OneTo11 Features multiple games to serve various kind of gamers on a single platform, at the same time.

OneTo11 NFT Champions Collection Now Live

Ultimate Cricket Metaverse Game Where Gamers Can Play 1Vs1 Matches. Buy Or Sell Players, Teams, Equipment, Stadiums And Other In-Game Elements As Nfts.

New Games Coming Soon CricketX & EvolutionX

A Virtual Metaverse Game That Replicates Human Evolution From The Caveman To Interplanetary Species Stage. Create Nfts For In-Game Items And Earn Beyond Planetary Limits.


Cross-chain NFT platform

Trade NFTs at lowest fees on OneTo11 marketplace. List, exhibit and sell NFTs created on the OneTo11 Ecosystem. Showcase individual NFTs or collections to trade with the world.

What is oneto11 gaming studio

Oneto11 gaming studio is multigame Play to Earn platform where gamers can join with a single sign on and play multiple P2E games with a single currency

For developers its a suite of already built web3 plug and play application and APIs that allows them to quickly build, launch and scale web3 P2E games

For Gamers

  • Single Sign on
  • Multiple P2E Games
  • Larger Reward Pools
  • Common Currency

For Developers

  • App Suite
  • On Ramp-Off ramp solution
  • Already existing Community
  • Token Treasury Share


Our core team leading from the front


Co-Founder And CEO

  • Co-founded OneAd, a gaming platform that acquired 30M+ users organically.
  • OneAD Ranked #1 in Play Store with 4.4 rating and 75K plus reviews.
  • Co-Founded IT consulting firm, scaled Zero to $10 Million.


Co-Founder And CTO

  • Co-founded IT consulting firm along with Ravi & built the company from scratch to $10M in revenue.
  • Co-founded OneAD with Ravi and Anis
  • Cofounded and Scaled multiple startups as CTO.


Co-Founder And CMOO

  • IIM Calcutta Alumni(Among top 3 business education institution in India)
  • Co-founded Buddy4Study scaled from 0 to 4.5 million+ users. biggest scholarship platform in India
  • Distributed scholarships worth $25 million.
  • Co-founded Tweakskills.


Co-Founder And CFO

  • Co-founded IT consulting firm, OneAd & OneTo11.
  • Led the finance, client relations and employee management aspect of business.
  • Managed finances worth millions of dollars to ensure legal compliance financial jurisprudence.

Our Team

Stalwarts guiding OneTo11 at every step

Avnish Mishra

Project Manager

Ratnadeep Verma

Team Lead - Android Developer

Ravikant rana

Sr. Software Developer

Ram Kumar

Chief Product Manager

Mayank Prakash

Head of Marketing & Communications

Rakhi Bhatele

HR Executive

Priyanka Maurya

Quality Analyst

Sumit Sharma

Block Chain Developer

Shaukeen Khan

Senior Software Architect & Tech Lead

Mangal Rana

Network Engineer

Shna parveen

Software Tester

Vikas Kumar

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Jerin John Varghese

UI/UX Designer

Sharda Prasad

Sr. iOS Developer

Rahul Yadav

Sr IOS Developer

Puneet Jain

Lead Blockchain Developer

Rashmi Singh

Customer Support Executive

Md Kamran


Santosh Kumar

UnityGame Developer

Nitin Diwakar

Android Game Developer


Stalwarts guiding OneTo11 at every step

Mario Nawfal

CEO NFT Technologies

Lily Nguyen

Growth Hacking Expert


Former Trustswap Core Team Member


OneTo11 is backed by the top names in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Space

Dutch Crypto Investors

NFT Tech

Magnus Capital

GDA Capital


Maximus Capital

Gains Associates

International Blockchain Consulting

Carl Runefelt

Jason Stone

Jordan Belfort


Exclusive partnerships that add value to OneTo11 ecosystem

Gamer Testimonial

Kalyan Rajput


Won $10,000

OneTo11 is the best fantasy gaming app, as it has the lowest commission fee compared to other platforms and you can play multiple games to earn money besides fantasy sports.



Won $4,000

I play games on OneTo11 fantasy cricket app, this app provides gamers a genuine chance of winning and if you play games anywhere you should try OneTo11 at least once.

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